More resources for MCS

My fellow fragrance sufferer, Mason, left a comment on the previous post with some resources that he found helpful, so I’m pulling the comment up here into a post. It would be a shame if someone overlooked some vital info that was buried in the comments. (Hope you don’t mind, Mason!)

Mason said:

I have found several sources of information. I’ve been finding similar themes in what I am experiencing and what other people call multiple chemical sensitivity or environmental illness.

So I started looking for groups focused on those things and I came up with lots of good results.
And several groups on

All of these websites contain lots of valuable information. I would encourage you to read through some of these pages. From what I can tell, my experiences are not nearly as bad as others, and they have some good advice based on experience. For example, I was recommended Alka Seltzer Gold, and so far it seems to relieve some of these symptoms.


That will explain some things about toxic off gassing.

It is a rollercoaster of a ride. Just take it easy, and enjoy the moments of relief when they do come.

I agree, there’s an obvious correlation between my fragrance sensitivity and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. In fact, I have a couple of links over there in the sidebar that leads to even more resources.

Thanks, Mason!


4 responses to this post.

  1. I just found you blog and it’s fantastic. Glad to know I’m not alone. I can’t stand perfumes or air freshners. They give me headaches and torture my sinuses. I’m also sensitive to aspartame. Gives me migraines and can make me black out.

  2. Hi, Jennifer. It sucks, doesn’t it? If those things mess up your sinuses you should seriously consider going totally FF for a couple of days, body products included, just to see if anything changes.

    I have a step-sister who has the same reaction to aspertame. I’ve considered giving up my gum-chewing habit because all gum has aspertame. Hasn’t happened yet, but maybe soon.

    I don’t post on a regular schedule or anything, but I’ll post your story if you email it to me.

  3. Posted by scentfreesavvy on November 2, 2008 at 1:30 am

    I do know how you feel. At times I’m tempted to live in a bubble. I co-wrote a blog with some great resources. I’ve now moved on to a new blog with some of the same information.

  4. Thanks for visiting, SFS. If you don’t mind, I’ll put you on my blogroll. I will be revamping the sidebar soon, and I’ll add you then.

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