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Odd Random Fragrance Encounter #1

ORFE #1 On my styrofoam drink cup at Sonic Drive-thru. Might have been perfume or cleaner or air freshener. Hard to tell.

How about you? Have you detected fragrance in an unexpected place? Leave your ORFE in the comments, or email it to me at sherri AT sherricornelius DOT com. I’ll put it in a future post.

Also, Oklahoma bloggers, don’t forget to vote in the Okie Blog Awards. Poison Scents has been nominated in the Best Unusual Blog category.


A doctor who listens: priceless

[A portion of this post was originally posted on Sherri Blossoms on January 21, but it’s relevant here, too, so rather than rewrite it all, I’m copying it.]

I went to the doctor last week, finally. I haven’t been since I found out for sure I was having a reaction to fragrance. Besides the cost, I wanted to wait until I had eliminated as much fragrance from my world as possible, to stabalize and see what healed and what didn’t. It seemed to be going pretty well, and then The Time of the Migraine hit the reset button, and I knew I couldn’t wait any longer.

I ended up crying at the doctor’s office. I feel pretty dumb about the blubbering, but it just serves to show how frustrated I am by the whole thing, how much I really need to figure this sinus thing out. The X-rays showed nothing abnormal (it so cool to see inside my own skull) so he gave me a course of antibiotics and steroids.

I told Doc I’d been dealing with this problem for 6-7 years, but as I look back I think it’s been closer to eight or nine. I’m not sure if Doc believes me when I tell him how my old doctor dealt with these chronic problems. With the backward lens of time and experience, it seems like the old doc hated me. I wish I could see what he wrote about me in my chart.

It won’t surprise me at all if antibiotics clear it right up. The old doc refused to consider it. I love having a doctor who listens to me, even when I’m crying.

And oh yeah, I told him about the fragrance thing and he didn’t laugh at me. He didn’t get defensive. He didn’t dismiss it. He said some people have sensitive airways, and that was it. I’m hoping that the fragrance sensitivity will shake out when my sinuses are healed. I’d probably never go back to the old level of stinkiness, but at least I’d be able to be around people again, which means writer’s cons and a job and TCoB in general. To be normal would be the height of awesomeness.

Emerging from The Time of the Migraine

I have officially emerged from The Time of the Migraine. I say “officially” because it’s been a whole week since the constant threat lifted, and though I’ve had setbacks over this week, they were temporary and quite manageable.

I guess the extra stinkiness of the holiday season had me worn down to the point that I couldn’t heal up. I finally took to wearing a painter’s mask–you know, the kind that blocks paint fumes, fabric with a little yellow respirator on the front–to the store and when the kids got home from school, because the slightest whiff of any scent whatsoever caused immediate pain in my sinuses and eyes. The Time of the Migraine lasted two whole months, in which my husband had to do way more housework than he cared to,I  scarred my step-daughter for life when her visit left me clutching my head for three days, and I looked like a total Froot Loop having to wear that mask in public.

I will wear it whenever I need to, despite my lower hotness-factor, because the thing really worked. It blocked all scents, even vinegar (which I don’t have a problem with, but it shows the merits of the mask) and by wearing it in smelly places I was able to stave off the migraine for longer periods. I highly recommend getting one of these masks. I found mine in the paint section of Wal-Mart for five bucks, but I’m sure they carry them anyplace they sell paint.

My sinuses have given me trouble for years, and they are the root of my migraines. I’m pretty sure my sensitivity to fragrance arose gradually from the chronic sinus problem rather than the other way around, though I can’t be sure. I have thyroid issues, as well, so it’s hard to know where hormonal misery ends and sinus misery begins. But I finally have a doctor who listens and a course of treatment that may clear it up. My ultimate dream is for my sinuses to work perfectly, to be able to smell any damn thing I want to, and to never have a migraine again.

I’ve been nominated for an Okie Blogger Award!

New reader Georgie said:

Stopping by visiting all the 2008 Okie Blog Award Noms-Congrats on your nom!!!!

And I said, “Huh???” I thought there must have been a mistake, but nope. It’s true. Poison Scents has been nominated for an Okie Blog Award in the “Best Unusual Blog” category. Am I the only fragrance-free blogger in Oklahoma? I guess maybe I am. I always knew I was a weirdo.

So to whomever nominated me, I am honored. Surprised and honored. Thank you.

Here are the voting instructions, as per the Okie Blog website. I can’t vote for myself, but I’d be grateful if you could force all your Okie friends to vote for me. 😉


Only Okie bloggers with active Okie blogs at the start of nominations (Jan. 2) are eligible. “Active” is defined as having at least one blog post during the last 60 days of 2008. An “Okie blog” is defined as having at least one active blog author residing within the state of Oklahoma. All Okie Blog Awards are decided only by Okie bloggers. A blogger cannot vote for his or her own blog.
A blogger can only vote for one blog per category.
The voting period ends on Feb. 7, 2009.
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I haven’t been very posty on here lately, but I have a good reason. Fragrance-related, of course! I’ve been in Migraine City for the past couple of months, and can’t seem to get caught up. Plus, it seems like everything I think about posting has some sort of “poor me” factor, and I just can’t stomach that right now. However, I had a good doctor visit yesterday, so I do have something good to report in the days to come.

Thanks again for the nomination and the millions of votes I will get!