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I’m a loser.

It’s an honor just to be nominated. As a young blog, Poison Scents couldn’t compete with the big boys. Congratulations to the winner and runner-up in my category!

Best Unusual Blog
That’s Baloney!
Runner-up, Strange State Paranormal Mysteries in Oklahoma

Go to Okie Dokie for a complete list of winners. Thanks guys, for letting me play! There’s always next year.


Odd Random Fragrance Encounter #2

Reader Linda posted her own ORFE:

Organic squash from a farmers market – thoroughly scented, from either soaking in fragranced dish detergent or sitting in a plug-ined room for days. Wasn’t washable.

Wow, how weird! So basically, even though you were buying an organic product, which by definition is grown without chemicals, you were still exposed to chemicals. Did you eat it? Did the scent disappear with cooking? Thanks for your sharing your ORFE.