Odd Random Fragrance Encounter #2

Reader Linda posted her own ORFE:

Organic squash from a farmers market – thoroughly scented, from either soaking in fragranced dish detergent or sitting in a plug-ined room for days. Wasn’t washable.

Wow, how weird! So basically, even though you were buying an organic product, which by definition is grown without chemicals, you were still exposed to chemicals. Did you eat it? Did the scent disappear with cooking? Thanks for your sharing your ORFE.


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  1. Posted by Elain Mendez on March 8, 2016 at 4:58 pm

    Consider this: Many grocery store chains pump gallons of “air freshener” into the air. These chemicals don’t just evaporate or sucked into your lungs, they actually land on the food you are going to purchase, including produce! I have also noticed the bags the grocery store puts your groceries into are fragranced! Hmmm. Consider that fragrance is used primarily to cover up odors. Now, remember that “clean” has no smell. So, the grocery store is trying to cover up “mal odors” emanating from a dirty store? Yuk!!!!! Walmart is one who believes the air freshener they pump into the air makes shoppers linger longer and buy more. But, mostly I think the “cheap fragrance odor” makes me hurry up and leave. In my neck of the woods Bashas uses 2x as much as most grocery stores. Very gross. I have found Safeway uses the least or none. When you encounter this stuff please let the FDA know. Just a quick letter letting them know “X” grocery store is using broadcast air fresheners and the chemicals are getting onto the food you are buying. Also, you can write a complaint letter to the Corporate Office of the food store and let them know you are unhappy about this practice. Let them know these chemicals make you sick.
    Note: Unless the air freshener is approved to “eat”, it shouldn’t be on your food. By the way, “fragrance” is intended for external use and is not edible, “flavoring” is approved to eat. Interestingly, as far as I can tell; fragrance and flavoring are made in the same factory”.

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